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March 22, 2022

Climate Action Ventures

This concept note explains how we approached a marketing strategy for an energy infrastructure builder in the renewable energy space. We often notice that marketing problems today are not due to a lack of skills availability- of which there is a lot in the market. Usually, it comes down to the more mundane stuff- availability, balancing conflicting priorities, turning ideas into execution, and often, setting unrealistic expectations for what marketing can do in a given context.

We hope this concept note allows you to see how to think through a long-term marketing exercise. If you have questions on this or are going through something similar, we recommend giving this episode of The Damn Good Marketing Podcast a listen or reaching out to Hasita on LinkedIn.

Problem Statement:

“We have issues with pipeline ownership, and need access to one POC who can lead the marketing exercise for us.”


  • Concerned about losing audience interest at various stages of nurturing
  • Have issues with fragmentation in marketing efforts so far
  • Have tried a few different things on digital platforms, but none of them have created tangible results

What We Propose:

Our recommendation is to introduce a seasoned marketing professional who brings:

  • A comprehensive understanding of both traditional and digital marketing intricacies.
  • A proven track record of clinching deals within similar industries.
  • Prioritizes well-planned strategies over generic tactics like paid ads or social media advertising

The Process

  • We start by establishing the guardrails for what to look for in the marketing hire.
  • Meanwhile, we partner with your leadership teams to zero in on target accounts and gauge their existing awareness. This allows us to pinpoint the exact touch points where your marketing strategies can resonate most effectively.
  • If awareness is lacking, we'll bridge that gap for you.
  • Additionally, we suggest examining the funnel through a problem-solution lens rather than a service-oriented viewpoint. This subtle shift often reveals previously hidden insights.
  • Once the marketing lead is hired, we (optionally) serve as their consultant for a period of 3-6 months until they’re able to take over and run it with the in-house Digital Content team

The benefits

  • A better sense of what to look for in the new hire, specific to current business objectives
  • Our involvement ensures that progress doesn't stall while searching for the perfect marketing fit. We actively engage in market exploration
  • The new person will be able to step into the system fully equipped with the context and what is expected of them, and they have the option to seek support until they’re settled in
  • A collaborative effort like this, during the consultancy period, fosters a cohesive relationship between your marketing lead and the in-house Digital Content team.

The caveats

  • Involves approx. 10 hours of leadership/ executive time to focus on hiring and market research. The time spent in this phase can be a crucial catalyst for the subsequent success of your marketing efforts.
  • Assumes that the marketing person will be hired in the next three months

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