Sustainability Education

Brand Strategy Workshop

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March 22, 2022

Sustainability Education

1. Problem Statement

The client is an academy delivering online educational content for a specific niche. They also had various sub-brands under their umbrella that were involved in non-core activities like training, research, data analytics and consultation in this niche domain.Due to the varied operations that were undertaken under one brand umbrella, there was a challenge in understanding how each of these sub brands were contributing to the brand’s visions and goals.

2. Proposed Plan

A 1.5 days workshop to understand what the brand’s goals were and how all the other sub-brands tie in to the grand vision.

The leadership teams from their local and foreign offices participated in the workshop.

3. The process

1. Defining the brand’s overall POV - from their own leaders vis-a-vis how they are perceived by others.

2. Establishing the mission statement of the parent brand. Understanding the goals and values - how these goals are percolated down to the sub brands.

3. Positioning of the brand and sub-brands.

4. Knowing if they are a product model, service model or a blended model.

5. Outlining the target audience and seeing if the existing marketing model was effective.

4. Outcomes

The most valuable outcome of this exercise is assessing the degree of uncertainty prevailing in the company and how the system is affected by the lack of a singular model to abide by.

This realization prompted a crucial turning point—acknowledging that their innovative course concepts required a more methodical foundation before being brought to market.

Our intervention acted as a catalyst, prompting a deliberate process of refining their ideas and charting a much more comprehensive blueprint.

5. Key takeaways

From Client's POV: They realized that launching courses without a clear roadmap could mean burning resources without ultimately reaching the stars. This significant shift in perspective sharpens and morphs their strategies into more purposeful trajectories where costs are saved, resources are conserved and every move counts.

From Our POV: Our commitment centers on our client's success. Instead of unnecessarily rushing into a long-term contract, we encouraged the client to invest time in crafting a robust plan. A specific approach like this underscores our commitment to their success and reflects our belief in making well-informed decisions that will eventually lead to impactful and sustainable educational initiatives.

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