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Brand Strategy Workshop and Digital Marketing

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March 22, 2022

Software Enterprise Sales

1. Context

The client is in the digital transformation domain. The parent company is into consulting, implementation, and software development for large corporations, and small and medium businesses.The subsidiary is into IT staffing where they were outsourcing software engineers who were involved in the digital transformation projects of the parent company.

2. Problem Statement

Before the pandemic, they attended various conferences and expos through which they were able to network. During the pandemic, the same was not possible. Later, it was noted that this channel was no longer as effective as it was.At this juncture, they started running multiple campaigns for lead generation. These included various LinkedIn and Google SEO campaigns. Unfortunately this did not deliver the desired results and the client found a stagnation in their sales and marketing pipelines.

3. Proposed Plan

We held a workshop spanning two days and this included the founders and the leadership team of the parent company as well as the subsidiary.

As far as their campaign initiatives were concerned, it was understood that:

1. The campaigns did not have a clearly targeted audience.

2. They had an existing website, however, the content was not aligned with the campaign goals.

3. As a result, the campaigns were not effective.

We conducted interactive sessions with the leaders and their teams, which resulted in:

1. Understanding the difference between the parent company and its subsidiary.

2. Positioning of their service offerings.

3. The three pillars that are key to their success.

4. Revised goals and initiated core values

The below course of action was identified:

Creating the brand story through a marketing strategy that involved

1. Encouraging the leaders to create a strong LinkedIn presence.

2. Instagram for the subsidiary company with organic content creation for 3 months following which trial campaigns were run on Instagram.

3. Based on a CRO report, changes to websites were proposed, so that future SEO champions lead to appropriate, updated content.

4. Subsequently, periodic posting to the subsidiary’s LinkedIn page also began.

4. Outcomes

1. Through an Instagram campaign we targeted companies across the US markets. This faced some challenges initially as the specific geographical locations were not singled out.

2. The brand has received immense clarity on what they stand for. Earlier the brand was highlighting the cost benefits of outsourcing, however they are able to reposition themselves now as a team of experts in the business transformation domain.

5. Key Takeaways

1. The workshop was valuable for all of us as we guided the brand to understand their positioning and redefine their marketing mix.

2. We were able to bring in harmony within the team and the entire organization as everyone understood the common objective that we have to work towards.

3. In that sense, it was further easier to define targets and chalk a clear roadmap to achieve the same.

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