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March 22, 2022


1. Context

We had the opportunity to work with our first Cybersecurity client in April 2021. They are in an industry that is extremely fast-paced and modern as it is. Their primary concern, as defined by the leadership team, was that they did not have enough external traction in the digital domain and hence they were largely working with existing relationships.

2. Problem Statement

Build and nurture a strong digital presence in a highly competitive space, and use that to drive revenue outcomes

3. Proposed Plan

Step one A complete site revamp

1. Face-lifting the site to tell a story through it.

2. Setting up metrics and tracking- Google Analytics and HotJar for understanding the website’s usage, Webflow maintenance for periodic updates as needed for campaigns, Ahrefs for SEO and Content Strategy.

All of these above measures were achieved in 2 months during the pandemic. A team of two- one from the client’s and one from ours ensured quality, on-time task completion.

Step two Social media and blogging Once the site was up, we moved to another aspect of a digital presence- social media channels. On LinkedIn, we implemented what LinkedIn likes to call the Hum, Sing, and Shout approach for the same.

Humming is the baseline activity of methodical posting, tracking activities, blogging, interacting, etc. We did not want to compete with the content giants of the industry, and bearing in mind the limitation on time and resources, we decided to publish 2-3 articles a month and instead work on offering solid, value-add content that we really wished to showcase.

At the Sing phase, we began running a series of digital conferences where we brought together various experts from the industry to speak on topics pertaining to the field.

The Shout phase, which is next in line for us, is where we focus on solidifying the Ideal Customer Profile, followed by extremely targeted direct outreach, and connecting and engaging with highly relevant clients using content as our main vehicle.

4. Outcomes

1. We noticed a lot of noise around problems in the cybersecurity domain. We, therefore, decided to flip the coin and instead focus on the solutions and support we will offer the customers. We positioned the brand as a trusted cybersecurity partner.

2. Working closely with the client and industry ensured that we were always ready to do what was right, and be in sync with the client in terms of communication. This reflects in our client’s marketing goals, as well as individual touchpoints such as events, content, and analytics.

3. We proved that even small teams can make a tremendous impact when alignment with a common goal is achieved across the board. Today, we see ourselves not as an agency but an internal team working with the client, and they see us as strategic partners in their marketing journey.

5. Key Takeaways

1. Brand positioning and ICP

2. Content-driven marketing engine

3. Organic lead generation for the monthly event and for the product

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