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March 22, 2022

B2B Interior Solutions

1. Problem Statement

This client operates in the woodwork industry where they design and build custom furniture for their customers as well as work on the interiors of a space.

Although they have been in the industry for a while, they did not have a social media presence. They wanted to establish the same in order to have better reach and brand recall value.

As part of their recurring exercise, we helped them in setting up and running accounts on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

A few months into this activity, we ran a trail social media campaign for them by allocating required resources from our end. It is safe to say that the results of the campaign were impressive.

Pre-campaign activities

1. Regular posting on social media with relevant content - we spoke about their facilities, production capabilities, client work, thought processes, etc.

2. Tagging relevant accounts as necessary to build credibility

3. Populating the highlights section on Instagram for a quick overview of who they are, what they do, and what have they done so far.

4. Rewriting the bio and post captions as necessary to clearly communicate the industry they are in and their offering.

5. Identifying and using apt hashtags.

Setting up the campaign

We determined the goal of the campaign to be driving viewership to the Instagram page and thereby build brand awareness.

For the same, we boosted an Instagram post that we thought would fetch more traction.

With the help of Facebook's Ads Manager, we were able to determine the targeting parameters such as geographical locations, age groups, industries, designations, interests, etc.

2. Outcomes

1. Followers on the page have gone up to a whopping number of 203 where prior to the campaign, the number was 35.

2. We have received many messages on Instagram, three of which seemed like potential leads / engagement opportunities. Details of the same have been shared with the team to follow up.

3. What worked and Key Takeaways

1. Setting up the page with relevant and easy-to-access information

2. Taking the time to populate the page for good 2-3 months before running the campaign

3. Determining and getting very specific with the targeting parameters

4, Giving the campaign its due time to show results

5. Allocating sufficient funds to the campaign.

6. Keeping an eye on the campaign performance throughout the scheduled period

4. Conclusion

1. While quantitative results are appealing and encouraging, it is important to remember that the true value derived from a campaign of this sort is to have a better understanding of what worked and what did not.

2. This is so because having that knowledge will help you in running better campaigns in the future and thereby save money and resources as well as derive expected results.

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